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Junior Winster Groningen 2011

25-04-2011  44 th Int.Dogshow Leeuwarden (NL) Junior Class 2 th Place Excellent
Judge Breedspecialist Mr. P.Roosenboom (B)

26-03-2011  82 th Int.Dogshow Luxembourg (L) Junior Class 3 th Place Excellent
Judge Ms. L. Mach (CH)

20-03-2011  17 th Int.Dogshow Hazerswoude (NL) Very Good Junior Class
Judge Mr. J.Hiddes (NL)

05-03-2011  51 th Int.Dogshow Groningen (NL) Junior Class 1 th Place Excellent
Junior Winster 2011 Groningen
Judge Ms. K.Ögren(SW)

13-02-2011  Youngdogs day EBCN Asperen (NL) Junior Class 3 th Place
Judge Ms. Lochs-Roman (NL)

19-12-2010  114 th Int.Dogshow Brussel (B) Very Good Junior Class
Judge Ms. Lianne De Ridder -Onghena (B)

13-12-2010 Kerstshow Wijchen (NL) 2 th Place Very Good Junior Class
 Judge Mr. E. Wieldraaier (NL)

27-11-2010 Winner Amsterdam (NL) 2 th Place Junior Class Excellent
Reserve Cac
 Judge Mr.T.Nethercott (GB)

14-11-2010 1e KCM Bulldog Club Nederland Zutphen (NL) Junior Class Excellent
 Judge Mr. Ben Karpel (Stardust Bulldogs) (Isr)

07-11-2010 International Dogshow Bleiswijk (NL) Junior Class 2 th Place Excellent
Judge Mr. G. Christensen (DK)

31-10-2010 International Dogshow Hannover (D) Junior Class 3 th Place Very Good
Judge Mr. Peter New (GB)

24-10-2010 International Dogshow Utrecht (NL) Junior Class 3 th Place Excellent
Judge Mr. P. van Montfoort (NL)

28-08-2010 Int.Dogshow Rotterdam (NL) Puppy Class 1 th Place Very Promising
Best Puppy of Breed
Judge Mr. J.M. Doval (E)

22-08-2010 Clubmatch Spijkenisse (NL) Puppy Class 2 th Place Very Promising
Judge Mrs A Wijnsouw (NL)

18-07-2010 Lokerse Winner (B) Puppy Class 2 th Place Very Promising
Judge Breedspecialist Mr Victor van Raamsdonk (NL)

20-06-2010 International Dogshow Uden (NL) Baby Class 1 th Very Promising
Best Baby
Judge Breedspecialist Mr. U. Schäfer (D)

06-06-2010 Int.Dogshow Tilburg - Hulten (NL) Baby Class 2 th Place Very Promising
Judge Mrs. A. Wijnsouw (NL)


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