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The Power of Passion Bulls of Mabena


1 Cac
1 Res.Cac

08-08-2021 BCN Clubmatch 1 th Excellent Breeders Class
Best Dutch Homebred Bulldog 2021
Breedspecialist Mrs Mille Baek (DK)

07-08-2021 46 st Pinkstershow Gorinchem 3 th Excellent Open Class
Judge Mr. Jos van Dijk (NL)

03-07-2021 KC Zeeland 1 e Excellent Open Class
Mr Hans van den Berg (NL)

13-09-2020 Clubmatch Belgie 1 th Excellent Intermediare
Mr.Sebastian Harnik (PL)

01-03-2020 63 th IDS Groningen 2 th Excellent Junior Class
Reserve Cac
Mr.John Walsh Jr (IE)

23-02-2020 Young Dogs show EBCN  2 th place Judge Mrs Marij Mestrom (NL)

09-02-2020 Int.Show Eindhoven (Venray) 4 th Excellent Junior Class
Mr Peter F Berchtold (AT)

21-12-2019 Kerst Winner show 1 th Very Prommising Puppy Class
Best Puppy
Judge Mr. Hildeward Hoenderken (NL)

24-11-2019 21 e Dogachtigen Breda 1 th Very Promising Puppy Class
Mr Jurgen Sauer (D)
Best Puppy 6 th place Ring of honour Judge Mr. John Williams (NL)

 02-11-2019 int. Dogshow Bleiswijk 1 th Very Promising Puppy Class
Mrs E Honschoten-Koning  (NL)
Best Puppy 6 th place best Puppy of show 39 entries Judge Mrs. P. Runderkamp (NL)

25-08-2019 IDS Rotterdam 1 th VP Minor Puppy Class
Best Minor Puppy
Mr Peter van Montfoort (NL)


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