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She's Not You Bulls of Mabena


09-09-2012 Dogshow Alkmaar (NL) Very good Junior Class
 Judge Mr. Piet Roosenboom (B)

15-07-2012 Lokerse Winner (B)  VG Junior Class
Judge Mr. Gustaaf Van den Bosch (B)

24-06-2012 Dogshow Uden  (NL)  VG Junior Class
Judge Ms. Helené Denis (F)

17-06-2012 Waalwijk Young Dogs Day 6 rounds
6 Judges Ms.C.den Bekker-Heijnen    Ms. I.M. de Haan-de Levie   Ms. N. Horsten Ceustermans
Ms. Ch. Kokvan de Horst    Mr. H. Hilverda    and Mr. E. Wieldraaier (NL)

10-06-2012 Dogshow Hulten (NL)  VG Junior Class
Judge Mr.  J. Hiddes (NL)

28-05-2012 Int.Dogshow Arnhem (NL) 4 th Very Good Junior Class
Judge Breedspecialist Mr.  P. van Montfoort (NL)

12-05-2012 Nat.Show  Britsh Dogfestival Dortmund (D)  3 th Place Excellent Junior Class
Judge Breedspecialist Mr. Kevin Davis (GB) Ocobo MyStyle Bulldogs

11-05-2012 Int.Dogshow Europasieger Dortmund (D) Junior Class Very Good
Judge Mr. P. Machetanz (D)

29-04-2012 Familyday EBCN (NL)
Judge  Breedspecialist Ms. Carolyn Mabey (GB) Oakpride Bulldogs

21-04-2012 Int.Dogshow Goes (NL) Junior Class 1 th Place Excellent
Junior Cac
Judge Breedspecialist Ms. A,vd Heuvel - Cowan (GB) Beefeater Bulldogs

22-01-2012 Clubmatch KV Waalwijk (NL) Puppy Class 1 th Place VP
Best Puppy and 7 th Best in Puppy Show
Judge  Mr. P.F. Berchtold (A) and Judge Mr. F. Cochetti (I)

22-01-2012 Clubmatch KV Waalwijk (NL) Duo Class
5 th Best in Duo Group Mr P. Roosenboom (B)

15-01-2012 Young Dogs Show EBCN (NL) 1 th place Best Baby Bitch
Judge Mr. Jim McGreevy    Joelee Bulldogs (Irl)

23-11-2011 Winner Amsterdam (NL) Baby Class 1 th Very Promising  BOS best Baby
Judge Mr. Carlos Renau (Spain)


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