In Memory

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Follow that Dream Bulls of Mabena
  20-09-2010 -  10-01-2020



Sparkling Pride This is It
  13-01-2010 -  05-11-2019



Love me Tender Bulls of Mabena
  19-07-2011 -  21-10-2019



See See Rider Bulls of Mabena
  25-11-2008 -  23-07-2018

Our hearts are broken our Champion passed away in his sleep.



Little Sister Bulls of Mabena
  25-11-2008 -  12-06-2018

Our grumpy girl forever in our hearts



Hugs and Kisses Her Master's Voice
  03-12-2006 -  11-10-2017

Miss you so much our pride xxx




Most White Bulls of Stremmal

25-09-2004 - 12-09-2015

Our white Polar bear





Lucky Thirteen vd Bleyenhoek

13-09-2002 - 03-08-2012

RIP dear boy XXX



Amazing Beauty from Bulls of Mabena

26-10-2006 - 02-07-2009

We miss You so much



Pebbles v.d Bleyenhoek

09-05-2000 - 03-05-2008



Especialy for You v.d Redboekeniers

28-01-2005 - 15-01-2008



Mister BoJangles v.d. Bleyenhoek

07-04-2004  - 19-11-2004



His Masters Voice v.d. Bleyenhoek

30-10-1997  -  27-10-2002



The English bulldog

Many are ricocheted by your broad, heavy head.
Be scared of your strong jaws, of your cogs which make you
To seemingly angrily a slokop.

Widely your udder and around your ribben, you stand as a block-system granite.
Thus, the head what bowed, heavy wrinkles the eyes...
No, gracious are not you.

People have, at breeding, you deformed, whole verwrocht
(without tail, too short legs and a nose as ingestoten)
To a marvellous gedrocht.

But... you look, large and dark, full feeling has remained,
To that could not they touch you, look its character matter,
Where deepest mean k't.

He who you once learned know will endorse what I think:
That you are pleasant and powerful,
Without fear, but also definitely, not a dog for everyone.

(I hope the translation is a little bit allright)


Copyright Bulls of Mabena 2005/2020


in memory