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Awesome Ashley from Ommadawn


Benelux Junior Winster NL 2014
 Benelux Winster NL 2014
 Dutch Junior Champion 2014
Benelux Junior Winster BE 2014
Benelux Junior Champion
Hop Queen 2015
Dutch Champion
2 times Crufts Qualified

14-02-2016 36 th Brabants Rashonden festival KV Waalwijk 1th Open Class
Best Bitch- BOB
Judge Mrs. L. Cox (Irl)

22-01-2016 Int.Dogshow Eindhoven 1 th Excellent Open Class
Cac - Cacib - BOB
   Judge Mr. C.F. Rutten (NL)
4 th place Group and Now Dutch Champion

 26-07-2015 Int.Dogshow Rotterdam (NL) 1 Excellent Intermediare Class
Reserve Cacib
  Judge Mr Jan Sloot (NL)

20-06-2015 Clubshow KC Dordrecht
4 th Place Best in Show all breeds
   Judges  Mr Jan Sloot   Mrs Gerda Groeneweg
Mrs José Lagendijk en Mrs Yessica Sam-Sin

17-05-2015 Dogshow Wieze (B) 1 th Excellent Intermediare Class
Cac - BOB - Hop Queen
   Judge Mrs Elzbieta Chwalibog (PL)

  01-03-2015 Groningen 3 th Place Excellent Intermediare Class
   Judge Mrs. F.H.M.G. Lochs-Roman (NL)

 22-02-2015 Hoogstraten 2 th Excellent Intermediare Class
Reserve Cac-Cacib
   Judge Mrs M. Wieremiejczyk (P)

31-01-2015 CM Waalwijk (NL) 1 th Excellent Intermediare Class
   Judge Mr.  E.Patterson (irl

06-12-2014 Int.Dogshow Brussel 1 th Excellent Junior Class
JCAC - Benelux Junior Winster BE - Roos is Benelux Junior Champion Now
   Judge Mrs. S. Jarmer (AT)


02-11-2014 Int.Dogshow Rijswijk 1 th Excellent Junior Class
JCAC - Roos is Dutch Junior Champion Now
   Judge Mr. Wim Wellens  (NL)

05-10-2014 Int.Dogshow Zwolle 1 th Excellent Junior Class
   Judge Mrs. Ing. A.C.M Kersbergen  (NL)

04-10-2014 Int.Dogshow Zwolle 3 th Excellent Junior Class
   Judge Mr A. Beare (Irl)

 06-09-2014 Benelux Winner Rotterdam 1 th Excellent Junior Class
JCAC- CAC BOS Benelux Junior Winster Benelux Winster Crufts Qualified
 Judge Mr . Per Iversen (NO)

Best Junior selected last 11 from 120 entries Judge Mr. Robert Blümel (Ost)

31-08-2014 Clubshow KVVP (NL)
5 e Best in Show
 Judge's Mrs. Cindy Kerssemeijer  Mr Wout Arxhoek (NL)

31-08-2014 Clubshow KVVP (NL) 1 e Place Junior Class
BOB  1 e Group 6
 Judge Mr Wout Arxhoek (NL)

 19-04-2014 Int.Dogshow Goes (NL) 1 th VP Puppie Class
Best Puppie at excactly 6 months so proud
 Judge Mrs. M.Bailey (IE)

22-03-2014 Int.Dogshow Hazerswoude (NL) 1 th Place VP Baby Class
First Show for our Roos she did so well
  Judge Mr. JGA Boelaars (NL)


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