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We are Mieke & Martin Versluis we have 3 children who exactly,
as us are entirely crazy of our Bulldogs.

Before we bought our first Bulldog we let us have small 10 years,
thinking if it was, our breed now there once was one Puppie in 1997, we want no other breed anymore.

Take a look at our dogs which you can admire on this Internet site.

Our dogs our a great part of our family.
And our Pups are in our livingroom with the family and other Dogs.

We are a member of the E.B.C.N. and B.C.N.

We gladly go to shows and let enjoy everyone of our dogs,
and hopefully with a good result return homeward.

For further information you can always contact us.
We hope that you have much pleasure to this Internet site.

And leave a message in our Guest Book.


Mieke & Martin

Yes or no

Reasons to take an English bulldog.

They are badly this way beautiful and some people are scared.
They have a heart of gold.
They are strong and full character.
They scare of burglars and not welcome visitors.
They watch concerning your children.
They love unconditionally you.
They provide endless pleasure and amusement you.
They are briefly harig and clean.
They are completely reliable.
They are patient.
They have much humour.
They give unlimited love to everything and everyone.
They do not need infinitely much movement.
They ensure by small walks your health.
They are your friend, guard and your admirer will be.
They are sensitive.

Treat him with feeling and give him much love,
then they live as exactly long as a another race,
but have two times this way much character.

What is possible you desire still more of a dog.

Reasons to take NO English bulldog.

If you are not most of the time at home and your dog must only spend much time.
He will become naughty and you leave a chance lost to will a real dog enjoy.
If you frequently want on holiday without your dog.
If you love just as much your family as Bull, then you also not nice finding in a kennel would be stopped.
If you do not want a pup educate and not regular food want give, not late to sleep, on him does not want be appropriate.
If you have children that a pup only want tease and torment.

Forget it then but.
He needs you him ensure and him to love.
He returns so much, its love you, is faithfully and a lot of joy.
But most important, you the chance will have to have had the owner of:



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