Pups Litter 2006

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Pups are Born 26-10-2006


Especialy for You v d Redboekeniers     X    Douglas van 't Patdana Home



The Boys at 1 Day

The Girls at 1 Day

The Boys at 1 Week

The Girls at 1 Week

The Boys at 2 Weeks

The Girls at 2 Weeks

The Boys at 3 Weeks

The Girls at 3 Weeks

The Boys at 4 Weeks

The Girls at 4 Weeks

The Boys at 5 Weeks

The Girls at 5 Weeks

The Boys at 6 Weeks

The Girls at 6 Weeks

The Boys at 7 Weeks


The Girls at 7 Weeks



The Boys and Girls 8  weeks

The Girls at 1 Year

Adorable ZoŽ from Bulls of Mabena

Amazing Grace from Bulls of Mabena

Amazing Beauty from Bulls of Mabena

Amazing Lady from Bulls of Mabena


The Boys at 1 Year

Armstrong from Bulls of Mabena

Allistair Rody from Bulls of Mabena


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